Beautiful I come to rest and that is fantastic. The music is lovely, my back is much better. No more medication. Thank you so much for this precious gift. I am also using the meditation for the eyes and it is coming along. THANK YOU. I am in love with your meditations. Very precious that you exist. With love Marianne

Marianne VonWienczkowski

I want to tell you what's going on with me today, after the long Covid-19.... I continued listening for another week, just to be sure. I listened to the frequencies for inflammation, immune, viruses and bacteria and that's how I ended up being healed after 3 months of Corona. I have been a long time subscriber to all your frequencies and they are part of my daily life. I have also told you that I have lost 20 kg and no longer have to take any medication and I have also greatly reduced other medications, plus my years of depression and fatigue have disappeared and the walking stick I used to use is now gathering dust in the cupboard, all since I discovered the frequencies🌞🧘🏼‍♀️🦾 Another 5 kg have gone. I am a 41-year-old young widow, and meditation has also helped me cope with the death of my husband.


 Thank you very much, it helped me a lot! I had neck and tension! After one listen almost gone! Great! Greetings

Anja Schiewack

Thank you very much for the very effective therapy up to 100% help against back pain, total relaxation, wonderful work, with respect, Anna

Anna Jasická

Thank you very much, I feel a great calming and relaxation of the body

Barbara Szewczak

For 7 days I listened to anti-rheumatic music, against joint pain. The pain decreased significantly while listening to music and then resumed, with respect !!!!

Наталья Рубцова

Listening. The mood improves. Interest in everything is awakened. That is a fact. Otherwise, we'll see in three months. Thank you for the improved emotional state. Bravo!

Наталья Полозова

Spryfuel is my magic stick🧚


One of the best, no, the best I have heard so far. It puts me in a state of relaxation that I have never experienced before.

RAD Creative Art

🎉A lot has been achieved ✅ about sound therapy and thank you for sharing it with me. 😊Love it tremendously.... I highly recommend it. ❤

Otlatl Nigdod

Thank you love and light from Sweden 💙💛💙💛

Monica Carlsson

Absolutely ALL your sessions, they are effective, excellent.... WONDERFUL. Thank you for providing this much needed and important technology.

Mario Alvaro Padilla Tello

Very beneficial, thank you

Sandra Gutmann - Coaching mit The Work

This music helps me with my Arnold nerve, which is very painful.  This melody warms our inner being as if it caresses all our organs. Thank you for the quality of your work and all your scientific research on this subject. We are immersed in the heart of quantum reality.

This music creates magic in us, well-being, mental relaxation, as if the evident appears to us.
A million thank yous.


Thank you for your audios, I need them to heal me. Diabetes. A thousand blessings and thank you for co.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Doly Salgado

Whoever created this frequency is an angel, thank you for the power, light and protection for all

Gabriele Santiago

Madness, I feel the vibrations deep in my stem cells. Priceless music. Stem cells continuously connect and respond to rejuvenate the entire body. Thank you for receiving the infinite love of the universe.

Hoa Nguyen Hoa Nguyen

I got rid of years of smoker's cough. I recommend

jiri faldik

Perfecting the brain and restoring memory.

Antonyandphong Crazymans

Thank you for all your frequencies and HGH vibrations that you share with us. This helps me to harmonise everything that I cannot achieve otherwise. Thank you and all the best. Prayer to you.


I listen, but then I sleep. I can never stay awake listening to these sleep videos and I sleep.


🙏😊Thank you 🙏 I feel like I just realised years of pain in my mind, body and soul, how this has affected me so much. I don't know but I'm excited and will keep listening, thank you so much 😊

 Elite renderer

This music triggered an incredible cleansing in me; I had been feeling extremely ugly for months because I was charged with energies that did not belong to me; it restored a real sense of being. Many thanks

caroline bollache

I have never heard such beautiful music, it touched me so deeply, thank you.

Bobby Santana

I studied with it for an hour and it helped me to concentrate.

Mellow Miu

The feeling I have when I listen to this music is wonderful ... it gives me a lot of peace ... I feel the beat of my heart ... I love it.

viviana livors

An amazingly beautiful work. It works on the whole body. Brings balance and equilibrium to my body and mind. It is very special to experience this and I am grateful that this has come to me.

Yvonne Hanssen

To prevent brain degradation - exactly what is needed in our time full of stress and bad ecology! Thank you for these frequencies! Very calming and makes the brain clear and clean.

Olga Dekhtevich

My joints ache due to the menopause that the pain is gradually increasing and although I am on hormone treatment my joints are sensitive and this BEAUTIFUL music is a gift to my physical and energetic body, it makes me feel peace and calm mentally and spiritually In this state my body is receptive to the frequencies and the pain and mental noise has decreased.
From the depth of my BEING, THANK YOU so much for this gift. I receive it with love and gratitude, for your love is reflected in the excellent work you do for the benefit of ALL of us who listen to your audios.

Adriana aus Mexiko

I needed it very much and in the first few minutes I began to feel an incredible happiness flood my mind and body.
I had gone to bed because I didn't feel well at all. Already at the second listening I felt the desire and the physical conditions to get up and continue my day.

Raquel Brandao

Thank you for the music. Really switches the brain. The pressure returned to normal. And it became calm in my soul. And the body warmed up.

Pola Parfenova

Your musical treatment is so great that I want to listen indefinitely.

Raquel Brandao

Calm, beautiful, soulful bowel healing music is a godsend for treating bowel problems. Thank you very much, dear creators.

Татьяна Сарсенова

Beautiful music ❤️ Made me break barriers and connect with myself 🥹 Incredible, thank you from the bottom of my heart, congratulations for this work.

Blanca Serrat Juan

Wow, thank you so much! I've had a blockage in the upper part of my thigh for two days. The music has literally calmed it down. I only feel the mass, not the pain. So I had blocked negative energies....

Fricadiere Audrey

Thank you for this frequency music, it is very good for my kidneys, my liver and my intestines, God bless you all.

Luvia Peña Ovando

Wonderful relaxing sounds that are good for the soul and the mind, thank you very much.

 Leonhard Satorius

I'm listening to it for the second time, but it has such an impact on me that I'm at a loss for words: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Katalin Mátyás

This music touches the depths of the soul and should be included in regular lessons in all schools.

Jesús G.F

Beautiful music in harmony with healing frequency sounds! It came just in time for me too. Many thanks to the author for the treatment recommendations!

Niko'lae Nikolev

The music is perfect. Very very soothing, a kind of relaxation after many very exhausting energy treatments.

Nathalie Ridat

The music is magical! Thank you!

Наталья Мануева

Many summers!!! Your works are balm for the body and soul and cause a storm of emotions throughout the body: a sea of joy and jubilation. The author of these pearls is a genius. Thank you for being there.

Елена Косицына

Very strong heart chakra music.

Robbie Gean Miller

Beautiful rain music! As I listened, I was flooded with memories of a beautiful time in my childhood! The effectiveness is there! My throat has stopped hurting! Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!!

Анжелика Соколова

Wonderful channel. I came across it by chance. The music is great. I am a retired music director. Thank you very much, I am with you!

ТАМАРА Зиновьева

I only discovered your channel about 5 weeks ago, lucky me! You are fantastic !!! For my chakras and my heart daily the best you give me️ !!!I can finally sleep, rest - still that I am an active person.I hope that my hair loss will also be stopped a bitFrom the bottom of my heart I thank you for your fantastic work! My love goes out to you every day with good wishes in my heart.

Katarina Rogge

Thank you so much!!!!🙏🙌🏻 It is sublime. Not only is it relaxing, but it relieves a lot of the pain I had after working out at the gym. It's pure energy. Thank you so much for this! Greetings from Argentina! 🇦🇦🙌🏻💫

Esteban Cósmico

Thank you for these beautiful frequencies. I enjoy them very much. I really feel connected to myself. Thank you very much. Infinite.

Guadalupe Castañeda

Excellent frequency has helped me personally a lot.

Edilia rodriguez

Thank you for all the beautiful music. I sleep better and my blood sugar is low. Thank you again and God's blessings....


 Lovely music ❤❤❤ quiet, oasis of calm is great for stress!!!! Thank you very much

Nicole Klemenczak

I'm from Argentina, I'm an artisan and the truth is that with this music I bring forth creations that have never been made before... thank you for existing....

Joaquina Encina

Thank you so much for your music which eases my paraplegic pain, and I hope it does for everyone. Gratitude.

li Zen 

Thank you for this beautiful frequency.
It cleanses my lungs.

Luvia Peña Ovando

Without taking any medication, my health improved after I was able to take a good nap. And tonight I am listening to this to fully recover. Thank you again for the kindness of the people who made this music and this channel.

Mba Cici

I am ... I feel like a shower running into my body ...
It makes everything fresh.

Marie Duran

Thank you very much.

It worked for my headaches

プルメリアナニ プルメリアナニ

Excellent and relaxing music 🎶 I love it Every day before going to bed I listen to it!!!!

Hilario Munguia

I honestly have no words to decipher what my soul and heart feel, I only know that there is nothing more than this pure and magnificent feeling! Listen to such beautiful love notes! Infinite my gratitude!!! 😘 Thank you for sharing this powerful music. Very beautiful sounds give me peace and tranquility

Mabel Escobar

😘This helps me to go my way, to satisfy my needs, to live my universe. Until I can very easily very dolly easily help other people on their way. I can fertilise them.

Kerstin Kühl

Regardless of the cure, the melody is beautiful.

Edson de Paula Rabelo Rabelo

Great therapy 🌟
The first day of listening I fell asleep and the next morning zero pain .... thank you so much for this wonderful post.

Mary Toledo

For me it works.


Thank you for the great music! I heard about music therapy a long time ago from Rochelle Blavo that every organ affects certain vibrations and musical purity. This music helps, vibrations are felt in the legs. Thank you to all who write comments. I appreciate all who help and believe in themselves. Good luck to all! I wish the Swiss team much success in their further development.

Valentina Hoischen

Coincidence or not, I immediately ran to the potty after listening to the session for constipation. Thank you so much for your help, it really helped with chronic constipation.


I feel it is very beneficial!!! It is very amazing.
It is the bubble and beyond, on another level that I can hardly see.

Anna Sauvagnac

Your music transforms me, I am in a state where nothing is anymore, I am at peace inside, what a relief, it questions everything ❓ it does me a lot of good.

Jean Pierre Huon