spryfuel® Zapper

A revolution in frequency technology:


Activate your body’s self-healing, self-regulation and well-being with the help of effective bio-frequencies. Improve your quality of life with the most modern form of home frequency technology.

The spryfuel® Zapper is the stylist, smallest and handiest device for the therapeutic use of frequencies. The application possibilities are almost unlimited.zappers are suitable for self-treatment at home as well as for use in a therapeutic practice. This is because they are versatile and easy to use, and our spryfuel® Zapper offers the latest in frequency therapy. The beautifully designed zapper contains the complete RIFE ETDL database with 3600 programs x 10 frequencies. You also have 75 slots to store your own frequencies. You can also set some of the programs as favorites to make them easier to access.

With our device, you are no longer dependent on the additional purchase of chip cards, because you already have all the frequency programs integrated. And if you want to run special frequencies that are not included, simply add them. That is pure freedom.

With the spryfuel Zapper you not only have access to Dr. Hulda Clark’s 3×7-minute program, you also have access to over 3,600 programs. This device comes fully loaded with everything you need at an affordable one-off price.

Our passion for innovation, and the urgent need to expand our product range, has inspired us to develop a unique, stylish and affordable zapper. This zapper is carefully handcrafted in Europe and built using the latest technology. It is compact, easy to carry and easy to use.

How does the zapper work?

Discover spryfuel® – your key to naturally harmonizing and activating your body and mind! Enjoy the freedom of frequency therapy with the spryfuel® Zapper, your mobile companion for well-being, anywhere and anytime. Our battery-powered and handy zapper allows you to use it comfortably in the garden, at home or on the go.frequency therapy is a proven method for regulating and harmonizing the body. Based on the principle of resonance, certain frequencies specifically activate the body’s own reactions and have an effect on the microorganisms present in the organism such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi.our body is home to a large number of such microorganisms, each of which has its own characteristic vibration that can be recognized by the corresponding resonance frequency.

But what exactly is a zapper?

The spryfuel® Zapper is a handy device that can emit therapeutic frequencies between 50Hz and 1,000,000Hz. The frequencies flow through your body as a gentle, completely harmless current using two electrodes that are held with your hands, for example.

With the spryfuel® Zapper we offer the most elegant and handy therapy device for a broad frequency spectrum from 1 Hz to 1 MegaHz.

Experience the power of frequency therapy with spryfuel® – your partner for natural vitality and harmony.

A low current pulse is conducted via the hand electrodes 

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Which zapper is the best?

The spryfuel® Zapper is the most modern and smallest zapper with the complete Rife frequency database already pre-installed. You don’t need expensive chip cards, which tend to get lost, or have to compile frequencies on the computer. You can program your own additional frequencies directly on the device. The spryfuel® Zapper offers the most possibilities and the latest state of the art in frequency therapy. spryfuel® Zapper can generate all specific excitation frequencies. This is much more effective because the “beam” is aimed precisely at the target. The 3×7 program of the Clark Zapper is more like the wide jet of a watering can that irrigates a wide area. spryfuel® Zapper’s genius is that it can do a lot and yet is easy to use, minimalist and small. The spryfuel® Zapper offers you countless therapeutic application options.

What is bioresonance?

This is a device with a low-voltage current and a specific pulse frequency that can kill pathogens: – viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites.

This method can be used as a therapy depending on a person’s condition and medication.

Each pathogen (viruses, bacteria and parasites) resonates (starts to vibrate with constantly increasing amplitude) at a certain frequency of the electrical impulses and is atomized into parts after 3-5 minutes. This procedure offers enormous potential for the treatment of various pathogenic conditions.

For example, when treating “Candida albicans”, pulses with a voltage of 12 V and a frequency of 386,000 Hz are generated for 15 minutes – these pulses kill “Candida albicans”.

Bioresonance therapy can reduce a variety of pathogens in areas of the body (brain, joints) that are inaccessible to medication or where there are no effective treatments or phytotherapy.

Frequency therapy has a long history and was used successfully as early as the 1920s, particularly by pioneers such as Dr. Raymond Rife and Dr. Hulda Clark. Dr. Clark revolutionized therapy with her Clark Zapper, which influences the entire spectrum of pathogens with a fixed frequency of approx. 30,000 Hertz.

According to Hulda Clark, the resonance frequencies of pathogens are up to 1 MHz. It is assumed that these resonance frequencies cannot harm the human organism – the natural frequencies of our cells and organs are between 1.5 MHz and 4 MHz.

The use of a bioresonance frequency generator instead of antibiotics enables the treatment of autoimmune diseases, psychological (epilepsy, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, depression), neurological, cardiovascular, lung, joint and other diseases.

The spryfuel® Zapper can kill fungi (Candida, Geotrichum candidum, Aspergillus, Trichomonas) and gives hope for the treatment of oncological diseases.

spryfuel® Zapper supports the regulation of energy flows in the human body. Eliminates and reduces viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and other types of pathogens. The BRT (bioresonance therapy) method is unique for detoxification and pain control through electrical impulses in the human body. It supports the recovery of the body after various illnesses so that it can better regulate and heal itself.

Hulda Clark Zapper

Hulda Clark revolutionized DR. Rife’s invention with the zapper

Why do zappers use a square wave signal?

A square wave signal contains both the sine wave and all its harmonic oscillations. This can make the zapper treatment even more effective.

Harmonic oscillations are higher frequencies that “resonate” in harmony with the fundamental frequency but are not perceptible to the human ear. For example, they contribute to the characteristic sound of a musical instrument and enable us to distinguish the sound of a violin from that of a trumpet.

Fundamental and most important for the application of bioresonance therapy is the intake of at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day to flush out and cleanse the dissolved toxins from the body.


  • 1.8′ TFT touch color display.
  • Beautiful, user-friendly interface that is controlled via a touchscreen.
  • The scope of delivery includes copper handles, the charging adapter and operating instructions.
  • Outputs square waves with an amplitude of 18-25 V.
  • Biofrequency generator with complete RIFE ETDF database with 3,600 programs.
  • User-defined memory with 75 positions.
  • Frequency range: 50 – 1 000 000 Hz.
  • 10 positions “Favorites” function.
  • Treatment time: 3-15 min.
  • Backlight control.
  • Rechargeable.