Customized production

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We can offer you real and self-produced spryfuel® frequency music. You can choose whether you want the bare frequency, i.e. the naked signal, or whether you prefer it embedded in exclusive or non-exclusive music. The licence price varies depending on your choice.

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer a customised frequency music service. This allows you to order a specific frequency track of your choice, which you can use for any purpose.

Choose your frequencies

Frequencies according to your needs

Our professional producers will create your custom sound in the renowned spryfuel® quality for optimal impact. When you order a custom frequency programme, you can use it for both personal and commercial use.

For example, you may want to design your own background music for the sound and then sell the product as a download or as part of a course. Or you may want to use the audio in its original form for a project on YouTube or publish it on Spotify.

There are no restrictions on how you can use it. Once we have provided you with your custom sound, you can use it as you wish.


A personalised frequency programme


  • A personal frequency programme
  • Created from your simple details in our online form
  • This frequency is exclusively for you and tailored to your needs!

5 frequency programmes from a selection list


  • Select 5 frequencies from a list of several hundred frequency programmes

10 frequency programmes from a list


  • Select 5 frequencies from a list of several hundred frequency programmes

Why our therapeutic music production?

With over 600 sessions in multiple languages, we are the largest provider of this type of brainwave entrainment music therapy.

Our products are used by everyone from therapists to CEOs, creatives to veterans. We pride ourselves on our quality and unsurpassed personalised customer service.

Our music is unsurpassed and is confirmed by positive and emotionally moving comments on our YouTube channels every minute. We have worked hard to build a large team of professional musicians who have been involved in relaxation music and self-healing for their own personal interest. 

They all believe in the great effect of music and certain sounds on the listeners. Making this kind of music is for them a kind of advocacy and a way to participate in spreading good energy.

Choose your music licence

Your own business is at your feet

However, if you want to use any of the music sold in our shop for commercial/professional purposes, you must use our professional music licence. The custom binaural beats service is independent of our music licensing service.

spryfuel® Licence

10 titles of your choice


  • You choose your 10 favourite sessions
  • limited sales rights
  • One-off payment
spryfuel® Superlicence

Right of use for all sessions



  • All current and future titles
  • limited sales rights
  • Higher partner commissions
  • VIP status

We produce your music


  • Music produced exclusively for you
  • Sales rights (Reseller Licence)
  • Incl. individual frequencies
  • You may specify wishes

How to place your order

Please send your request via our contact form and provide the following details:   

  1. Number of titles required:
  2. Duration of the title:
  3. Desired frequency/frequencies (you can also write an effect request), or no frequencies:
  4. Exclusive music, non-exclusive music, or no music:
  5. Time until project delivery:
  6. Other information:

Please send your request here

Please note that discounts on custom-made products do not apply.

Payment must be made before delivery. The reason for this is that we schedule studio time to complete your project. So if we complete the work for a client who then doesn't want to continue, we have lost a few hours of working time.